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r/jl/cdioAdd libcdio{,_cdda,_paranoia} binding
r/weih/url_putAdd a URL.put method.
r/weih/url_deleteAdd URL.delete method.
r/js_clientJavascript client using JIRA REST API.
r/weih/status_codeParse HTTP status code and validate it in URL.{get,put,post} methods.
r/jl/minor-url-improvementsSome minor URL API improvements


r/jl/commenting-responsivenessImprove UI responsiveness when commenting code
r/jgraham/githubEnable github integration
r/jl/ utility script for creating new VirtualBox instances
r/jl/bs4Use BeautifulSoup 4 (bs4) instead of BeautifulSoup 3
r/ahockersten/fix-utf-8-issueFix install problems when user name contains utf-8
r/serso/addressed-issue-marker-styleAddressed issue marker now different from closed issues marker
r/jl/restricted-review-modificationsAdd support for "restricted review modifications"
r/jl/friendlier-new-repositoryImprove /newrepository user-friendliness
r/jl/resize-drop-downs-in-dialogsMake Chosen drop-downs in dialogs resize with the dialog
r/yum_supportAdd yum support
r/jl/upgrade-v8-3.29.78Upgrade V8 to 3.29.78 + assorted fixes
r/jl/comments-apiExtend API (internal + json) to support comments
r/jacobrask/js_react_fluxRender Dashboard, Review and Branch log using JavaScript and the JSON API
r/jl/optimize-describe-commitOptimize gitutils.Repository.describe() somewhat
r/remote-database-optionAdd --database-host option to define a non-local PostgreSQL database
r/jl/auth-database-and-access-tokensRestructure user authentication + LDAP authentication + access tokens
r/jl/services-uwsgi-integrationImprove uWSGI integration
r/jl/review-used-to-send-emailsIgnore this review